Tent Washing

Do you own a tent and need help keeping it clean, hire us!

If you’ve never machine washed, you’ll notice a difference by getting a Teeco Machine Wash! Save time and labor by having us machine wash your tent. Drop it off in the fall and we will have it ready to go for you in the spring. We do minor repairs too!

PREMIUM WASH – We inspect, pre-scrub, spot clean, machine wash, hang to dry, & refold (Recommended for most tents we see.)

BASIC WASH – We machine wash, hang to dry & refold (Only recommended for light use tents in excellent condition with a “dusty” appearance.)

TENT REPAIRS – We can repair small holes, rips, and tears. We can replace torn or missing grommets. Our staff can extend the usable life of many tent tops by making minor repairs while your tent is on-site for machine washing.

SETUP & TAKEDOWN – Hire the professionals! We can safely set up and takedown many styles and sizes of tents. Please contact our sales staff for a quote today.

Tent Washing