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Where to find COFFEE  MAKER,  55 CUP, STAINLESS in Minneapolis

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Rental Rate: $24.00


Additional Information

  • 55 Cup Stainless Steel Brewing Coffee Maker
  • 12 amp electrical outlet needed, 1500 watts
  • *Coffee Maker should be used on its own outlet & without extension cord*
  • 1 pound of coffee will make approx 55 cups (2.1 gallons) of brewed coffee.
  • No filter is required but we recommend using the largest grind coffee available (percolator grind).
  • It s recommended you have one beverage station per 60-75 guests.
  • We also rent Coffee Pourers, Cream & Sugar Bowls
  • Coffee Maker Instruction Sheet Link
  • Approx Dimensions:
  • Width 13
  • Depth 13
  • Height 18
  • Weighs 9 lbs
  • When you add coffee to urn s brew basket, some grounds may fall through basket and settle on bottom of the urn. To prevent this try wetting brew basket before placing coffee grounds into it. This will cause the first grounds that touch it to expand. Because they expand, they stop-up the brew basket and prevent grounds from falling through basket.
  • Why do coffee urns with similar gallon capacities have different cup amounts? Manufacturers use different size cups to state the output of their urn (commonly 3.5 oz, 5 oz, or 8 oz). To figure out how many cups you ll get using your dinnerware, convert the urn s gallons to ounces and divide by the ounce size of your coffee cup or mug! There are 128 oz in a gallon or 16-8 oz cups in a gallon!

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* Please call us with any questions about our coffee maker 55 cup stainless in Fridley MN, and the Minneapolis metro area.